Forget the shoebox overflowing with bank statements. Now get your checking, savings, and money market accounts online with E-statements.

Ossian State Bank E-statements provide the same information as a paper statement but they're faster, more secure and greener for the environment.

With E-statements, you will receive e-mail alerts notifying you that your statement is available, giving you immediate access at the moment they are ready. No more waiting for paper statements to arrive in the mail. You can view, print, or save them anytime you like, 24/7. E-statements offer convenient links to images of the checks you have written. You can access check images and past statements up to 12 months. All from the convenience of your own home or office!

To start receiving E-statements simply log into online banking. From the account summary screen, locate the left hand navigation box. Click on "view statements". Accept terms and conditions. From the welcome screen choose the account you wish to view. It's that easy!

Click here to download a PDF of E-Statement FAQs