Home Equity

Home Equity Lines of Credit from Ossian State Bank offer a smart way to take advantage of your largest asset. By borrowing against the equity in your home, you can pay for ongoing expenses such as home improvement or one-time expenses such as purchasing a new boat, lawnmower, or car.

Equity Line of Credit or Interest Only Equity Lines

Another Great Idea to Serve Your Needs!

  • This program is for primary owner-occupied residences.
  • This open-ended line of credit can be used for any purpose, for example:  home improvement, new car, investing in a new business, etc.  It’s perfect for anyone with varying cash flows.
  • Monthly payments are very flexible as the minimum payment due is only the accrued interest or finance charge for qualified borrowers.
  • The variable rate is very attractive.
  • Transfers can be made on-line, at any time, or you can write a check against the approved line of credit ($150.00 minimum advance).
  • The interest on equity lines may be tax deductible if you itemize on your federal income taxes.  (You should contact your accountant or tax professional.)  

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