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"There are a million reasons why I bank with Ossian State Bank but I will tell you a few. It started with the guidance of my father, there was just simply no better option than Ossian State Bank for us. That guidance was carried on by employees in the bank always seeking my best interest and what could they do for me. I was told to get to know the bank, always keep my word and it would do the same for me, and it did. Relationships; another reason to bank with OSB. I started with a child savings account and my relationship has grown over the years from auto loans to mortgage and commercials loans. Relationships are not just business and banking but caring about the individual and I feel that OSB goes above and beyond the call. Life is a journey and OSB has been with me every step of the way."

Mike Lewis

Ossian State Bank customer since the 70's

"Friendly — I can always count on being greeted by my first name! Stable — the bank has been here for as long as I have lived in Ossian, and I believe it always will be."

Edward J. Goetz, Jr.

Ossian State Bank customer

"Ossian State Bank — familiar faces, local ownership, trustworthy. It's been a good marriage for us."

Mike and Karen Todd

Ossian State Bank customers since 1952

"I appreciate the warm reception I receive from all of the staff. I've enjoyed watching the bank grow physically and financially over the years."

Lowell E. Tillman

Ossian State Bank customer since 1962

"Nice welcome when you walk in. Friendly people. Helpful with any banking problems or questions. Convenient, clean atmosphere."

Pieternella Guers, Proprietor; Nel’s Cafe

"It feels right doing business with our hometown bank."

Tom and Laura Neuenschwander

Tom Neuenschwander joined our star-studded cast back in 1964, when he opened an account to save money from his paper route. When Tom and wife Laura founded Insurance & Business Specialists in 1980, they brought their business banking to us, too. They like the convenience, reliability, and responsiveness found at their hometown bank.