Ossian State Bank gets ‘Safest’ Designation

Posted on Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Ossian State Bank is one of just four banks in Indiana that were designated as “The 359 Safest Banks in America” in an article by Sara Glakas on the Investing Answer website.

The study was conducted by InvestingAnswer.com, which focuses on “helping individual investors build and protect their wealth through education.”

“To help Americans regain their sense of financial security and peace of mind that their money is safe, we’ve found a way to find the safest banks in America—using a special metric called the ‘Texas Ratio,’” Glakas wrote.

“Without walking through the formula, the takeaway is this: The closer the Texas ratio gets to zero, the lower the bank’s risk of failure.”

Ossian State Bank’s “Texas ratio” is 0.0.

“We are honored to be designated one of the safest banks in the nation,” Ossian State Bank CEO David Morrison said.  “Our customers can depend upon us to exhibit safe, sound and honest business practices.”

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